Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Fun

On the day after Thanksgiving, Mommom and Pappy took MJ on a fun train ride and old car exhibit. They had a great time together. Pappy has taught MJ to appreciate and like cars just like he does.


Anonymous said...

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. So are Melissa ane Michaela good pie bakers?
Great grandma

Anonymous said...

I think that it is wonderful for a grandchild to love some of the same things as their grandparents.
Special moments! I am very happy that you all had a great day together.
Love to All!

Patience Leino said...

Matt & Melissa::

Just found your blog through Chad & Erika's site. What a delight to see you all so happy & enjoying the beautiful life God has laid before you all! Your little girl is absolutely precious! Here's wishing you three a wonderful Christmas season!

::Patience (Roddy) Leino (from YQ)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michaela. What a fun day you must have had with your Mommom and Pappy! You look so happy in this picture. How wonderful it is that you share a love of cars along with your Pappy. We love you, Michaela.

PS. We love the countdown to Baby #2! Michaela, you are going to make the VERY BEST big sister. :)