Saturday, November 10, 2007

Terrific Two's

We are so enjoying Michaela at age two. She has a dynamic personality that exudes so much energy, love, drive, and sweetness. She explores everything, is constantly learning about the world around her and enjoying every minute. Here are some things that she likes to do at this time in her life:

Sing: Jesus loves me, Twinkle, Twinkle, The B-I-B-L-E, Barney's Clean up Song,
Dance: to any music, her Big Bird Get up and Dance DVD, Mommy's classical Piano cd (we do amateur ballet moves)
Little People: She LOVES playing with her people, which she calls, "My people." There are 10 of them and we have a blast doing role play with them and talking for them.
Drawing: Crayola washable Markers are her favorite. Pink is the color that she always asks for and uses most often. I wish I could go buy a single pink replacement marker =)
Flashcards: She asks to do these every day. She loves them. We have alphabet ones and number ones. She knows them ALL and now we concentrate on counting the pictures on each number card and saying the sound that the letter makes.
Going "Bye-Bye": Michaela loves to go anywhere. She enjoys seeing new things and helping me with my errands. Her favorite place to go is Mommom and Pappy's house.

All in all, we are so blessed and thankful for Michaela.


Anonymous said...

What a special and smart little girl you are, Michaela.

We loved to read all about your favorite things. I love Little People, too. Oh, the fun things that they can do! I would love to see a video of you dancing and singing! Tell Mommy that last year at school I went to the Crayola website and ordered (just!!) pink colored pencils for my class. Ask her if she could send them an email telling them how much you LOVE the PINK marker. I bet that they will send you just PINK ones if she asks!!! Let me know.

Love You and Miss You, Michaela,
Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Walter

Anonymous said...

Hi Peanut, Just so you know, you are and will be terrific at any age. I love to do your flash cards with you too and love to hear you sing and watch you dance. I especially love to hear you say "come on Mom Mom" when you want me to do something fun with you like sitting on top of the stairs and sliding down. You make me happy. I love you Peanut and you look beauftiful in your new clothes.
Mom Mom

Anonymous said...

it is so much fun listening to Michaela say her letters. What a smart cookie. What a little sweetie she is, and will make such a good big sister.
Great Grandma Hamerdinger