Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pee-pee on the Potty

Press play to watch the video!


Anonymous said...

Dear Michaela,
Wow! I am very impressed that you are going pee-pee in the potty! You have so many stickers---good for you! Don't worry about the poo-poo. That will come!!
You are very pretty!
LOVE, Aunt Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Hi Michalea. Going pee-pee on the potty is such a big girl thing to do! You have lots of stickers.


P.S. Michaela, please tell your Mommy that I thought I was hearing myself on your video! Your Mommy & I sound SOOOOOO much alike! :)

meg said...

i need to work on going poo poo in the potty too michaela... no worries! ;-) she looked so disturbed at the end when she realized she had no stickers on that side... im gonna sneak some stickers on the poo poo side next time im over! how bout that! haha... just kidding! Love you Ousdahls!