Thursday, November 01, 2007

Our Cheerleader

MJ really enjoyed Halloween last night. She was an enthusiastic cheerleader. We walked around Mommom and Pappy's neighborhood, and then went to ours. We took her to Aunt Judy's house (which is diagonally across from ours). MJ was a very polite trick or treater, as she lightly knocked on the door, said, "Trick or Treat," gently took one piece of candy, followed by her saying, "Thank you." MJ you are a beautiful girl, and while you were dressed as a cheerleader last night, Mommy and Daddy are your BIGGEST CHEERLEADERS for LIFE!! We love you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Peanut, you look so cute in that cheerleader outfit and so full of pep. We had a good time trick or treating last night. Remember what I said, don't let Mommy and Daddy eat all the good candy....The kit kats are for you.
Love you from your biggest fan,
Mom Mom

Jill & Dave said...

What a cute little cheerleader you are Michaela!! Hope you got lots of treats and no tricks.

aunt mary ann!-- said...

I just LOVE the cutest cheerleader in the world! Michaela, you looked perfect as a cheerleader--I couldn't wait to see what you were for Halloween.
Love you from another HUGE fan,
Aunt Mary Ann

Grandma Pat said...

What a cutie! Michaela ia a darling cheerleader! Sounds like she had lots of fun trick or treating!

The Leger Family said...

Hi Michaela. We are glad you had a fun Halloween that was full of lots of treats. You definitely are the cutest cheerleader but what makes you even more beautiful is that you are also the sweetest and most polite trick-or-treater (& little girl) that we know too!

We love you,
Bob, Rebecca, & Grace

Meg said...

so michaela was her mommy in highschool and college for halloween?! what an honor im sure melis! :) she is just growing up so fast! i can't wait to see you guys during thanksgiving break. Love, Meg