Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our Trip to Indiana

Two weekends ago, we drove to Indiana to meet our college friends, Jen and Shelby. We had a blast hanging out with them. Michaela enjoyed playing with their two children, Logan (4) and Rylan (2). Michaela and Rylan are only 2 weeks apart. This picture is of the two girls laying on the ground and getting tickled by Matt. They were all giggles.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michaela. Isn't it great how Daddies can make everyone laugh?! Wow, you had a big car trip all the way to Indiana! I have only been as far as Vermont. Hopefully, my Mommy and Daddy will take me on a big long car trip to Delaware next summer so I can see you. I'll be a big girl by then, just like you, and ready for a big girl car trip. I love you, Micheala!


Anonymous said...

The only thing missing is the sound of that cute giggle. I am glad that I get to hear if often. You are a cutie Michaela.
I love you,
Mom Mom