Tuesday, October 02, 2007

MJ's Family Birthday Party at our Church

On Michaela's 2nd Birthday, October 1st, our family and close family friends joined us to celebrate these wonderful 2 years that we have had with our beautiful daughter. God has blessed us with Michaela and we love her more every day. It is hard to believe that our first child is now 2 years old. She is a sweet, independent, confident, smart, and fun loving little girl. Below are several pictures from her party. Enjoy looking at these. When Mommom, MJ, and I went shopping for party supplies, MJ picked out Elmo decorations, not to our surprise. Hence, we ordered a colorful Elmo cake for all of us to enjoy.
The smiles on all of our faces here truly express how blessed we are and how much we all love each other and enjoy life. Being surrounded by family and friends to celebrate MJ's 2nd birthday was a special event. Thank you family and friends for being in our lives, loving our daughter, and helping all 3 of us become more of what God wants us to be. We love you all. Below are some pictures of MJ with family and friends from the party. While we are blessed to live close to so many of our family and friends, many of our family lives far away...to those who live far, please know that we love you, think of you daily, and thank God for you.
Above is Pappy and MJ. MJ loved her balloons. She enjoyed carrying them around.
Above, MJ is sitting with our good friends, Dusty and Jenna.
Here MJ is giving Aunt Donna a hug as they pose for a picture.
MJ is sitting with Beth, Mommy's middle school teacher and family friend.
MJ and Mandi, Mommy's best friend since 5th grade, give the camera two great smiles.
Here MJ is sitting with The Rainey's, who have been close family friends forever. Pappy grew up with them.

MJ and Aunt Judy smile for the camera in the above picture.

In the picture below, Mommy is helping MJ open up her presents. Thank you to ALL our family and friends that gave MJ a present. You all are always so generous and we appreciate your love and kindness. MJ received so many great toys and books that will help her learn more about her world, and she also received many darling outfits that will keep her warm and stylish this next season. THANK YOU! As you can tell, we had a great day.


The Burchnalls said...

Ousdahls, you sure know how to party =). Thanks so much for having us, Michaela, we were so glad to celebrate your 2nd birthday with you! I bet you had fun today playing with all of your new things! You are awesome!

Rebecca Leger said...

Michaela, you are too cute for words! We are soooooo happy that you had such an amazing second birthday party.

We love you!

Anonymous said...

I just love all of these birthday pictures of Michaela! I am very, very happy to see all of my sisters
(where oh, where is Mommom?) and Pappy. It looks like it was the celebration of the year!! I so wish that we could have been there. But, we thought all about you and sent you "Happy Birthday" wishes all weekend.
Aunt Mary Ann