Friday, September 14, 2007

MJ Sporting Her Ponytail

Now that Michaela's hair is so long, Mommy can do more with her hair. Michaela really likes to have her hair put in a ponytail. Mommy and Daddy think that Michaela looks like a darling little girl with her hair up.

In these pictures, Michaela is waiting for Mommom and Pappy to pick her up and take her to the Phillies Game. She is all ready to go with her Phillies Backpack and her doggy with her.


Anonymous said...

I love the ponytail! Michaela is sooo grown up already! After all, she is almost two. I am so glad that Michaela has doggy with her. Is doggy the good luck charm for the Phillies? The backpack is just what every little girl needs to carry to the ballgames! I bet that it was the best time with Mommom and Pappy. Michaela, you are so sweet and very pretty.
I Love and am Missing You Everyday,
Aunt Mary Ann

PS. We are REALLY hoping that the Red Sox and the Phillies are in the World Series together! If so, then we'll have to cheer from Maine to Delaware!!

meg said...

Yay for ponytails! Im sure that's so much easier to manage... just pull it up and go! Yeah right, if only it were that easy! :) Love you guys.. miss you!

Anonymous said...

How cute! Her hair really has grown. Isnt it fun doing her hair in so many different ways, like a little doll.
Love Grandmother Hamerdinger

Anonymous said...

We had such a good time that night at the Phillies game...they won and you kept the pony tail in all night. Let's keep our fingers crossed that there will be playoof games to go to.
I love you Peanut,
Mom Mom