Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Michaela Says Hi!

Press play to watch the video!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Michaela,

We LOVE, LOVE this video of You!!!!!!

You are just plain irresistible! We are missing you sooo much. We LOVE you too, very very much. Please, tell Daddy that he did a super-duper job. It brings you a little bit closer to us even though we live a little far away from each other. You are magical!
See you later Alligator!!
LOVE, Uncle Walter & Aunt Mary Ann

PS Tell Mommy and Daddy that we loved spending time with them. How we are missing everyone! We Love them, too, so much.

The Burchnalls said...

this is too cute! love it...although, i was waiting to hear a "hi nenna!" =). guess i'll have to see her in person for that, before she forgets who i am!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michaela. This video is the CUTEST thing that we have ever seen!!!!! You are so very sweet. Baby Grace loves watching and hearing you say hi to everyone. We have watched your video many times today and Graces always smiles when she hears you say "Hi Baby Grace." Thank you for putting a big smile on all of our faces. :)

We love you,
Rebecca & Baby Grace

Anonymous said...

Hi Peanut, this is one of the cutest videos I have ever seen. I love you so much. We had such a good time at Chuckie Cheese today too. See you later.
Love you,
Mom Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Michaela!! I love you and miss you tons! I hope I get to see before the year is through! Kayden says hello, right back at you!

Auntie Kim

Anonymous said...

Just wanting you to know that we are still watching this video ALL the time! We are loving it again and again!!
Aunt Mary Ann

Rebecca Leger said...

I agree with my Mom ~ we are watching this video all the time too! Grace is now waving to Michaela each time she watches it. Thank you for posting it for all of us to enjoy!


Anonymous said...

It is so much fun listening to Michaela talking. A prescious little voice. Love,
Great Grandma Hamerdinger

Anonymous said...

How cute! Michaela is talking so good! I miss you guys.
Love, Dorothy

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! I love you Michaela!! You are so sweet! Tell Barney and Baby Bop I said to go "Night, night" I am working so much, I just saw this tonight!! Love you!