Saturday, August 25, 2007

Counting with Michaela

Press Play!


Rebecca Leger said...

Hi Melissa, Matt, & Michaela.

You have made our day with yet another UNBELIEVABLY ADORABLE video! Michaela you are SO SMART!!! We are very impressed by your counting - good for you! Thank you, again, for posting a video for all of us to see. Melissa & Matt, you should be so proud to have such a smart and beautiful daughter.

With lots of love & appreciation,
Bob, Rebecca, & Baby Grace

Anonymous said...

Dear Matt, Melissa and Michaela,
You made our day, too! We are enjoying the videos very, very much. They are helping us keep a "little eye" on Michaela as she grows. She is so smart and so pretty. Keep up the great number work!

LOVE, Uncle Walter and Aunt Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Wow, such good counting. I even heard a "ready go" from MJ when she was in the kitchen and getting ready for her race into the living room. Mom Mom loves you bunches, Peanut.
Mom Mom

Anonymous said...

How cute! this is so much fun, listening to my great-grand-daughter count. She sures loves running too. She is a cutie, just like her Mommie. And smart like her Daddy.
Proud great grand Mom

Anonymous said...

Dear 3M's, or should I let Michaela count...3 1/4 M's!!! This video is so cute! I just love watching the 2 videos over and over!!! Keep 'em coming!!
Love, Pat