Monday, June 04, 2007

Summer Lovin

Matt and I had a fabulous weekend. Friday, we spent the evening in Downtown Wilmington participating in the First Friday Art Loop, eating dinner at Penelope's, and then enjoyed dancing to the live music there. (Thanks Mom and Dad for taking MJ to the Phillies Game so we could enjoy this evening.) Saturday evening, we went to several Graduation/birthday parties for some of the teens in the Youth Group. We had these pictures taken at one of the parties. They had a photo booth set up for the guests to enjoy. As you can see, Matt and I really enjoyed this activity. I love pictures like these. We had this done in the past when we were dating and we split the pictures so we could each take two with us over our summer apart. This time, we were able to take all of them home together =) Matt is a wonderful person and I am soooo blessed to have him as my husband. We are perfect for each other and I love being his wife and helper. I love him more today than yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Arent you so fortunate to have some time alone. Wonder who had the most fun Michaela or Mom and Dad?
Grandma Hamerdinger