Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Man of God Goes to Meet God

Today, Dr. Jerry Falwell left this temporal home to be with God for eternity. Dr. Falwell was a great man, who did so many things to further the Kingdom of God. Matt and I were so blessed to attend Liberty University, founded by Falwell, and as Falwell's goal was for every student, we were trained there to be "Champions for Christ," which Falwell's life exemplified.

These pictures were taken at Liberty's 2006 Homecoming. We went down there and met up with a bunch of our college friends. Dr. Falwell always socialized with students, alumni, and others, as much as possible. He was so friendly and approachable. This picture was at the Alumni Dinner.

Dr. Falwell will be missed, but the fruit of his labor will continue to grow.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday when I found out that Dr. Falwell had passed
away, I thought about this picture of him holding
Michaela. I know she will not remember meeting him,
but I am very thankful that he got to meet her. Dr.
Falwell was a wonderful person. He always had time for
people. I remember how comforting he was to the
parents that first night we took Melissa to Liberty
University. He said that he did not take lightly the
responsibility he had in taking care of our kids and
that he was available to answer any of our questions.
I remember going to football and basketball games and
seeing him there. He always had a smile on his face
and looked like he was enjoying life. I loved hearing
him preach...so down to earth and straight from the
Bible. He said what he believed and lived it as well.
I was also comforted in the fact that Dr. Falwell is
now in the presence of the Lord....Not because of who
he was, but because he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ
as his personal Saviour. I am sure he was welcomed
into heaven with the words "good and faithful"
servant. Dr. Falwell was a great human being, a great
Christian, a great family man and a great leader. We
will miss him. My prayers are that we will actively
continue in our faith as well.
John 3:16
Melinda Watkins

Unknown said...

Michaela, i know you will not remember meeting Dr. Falwell. The
picture of him holding is so wonderful to see. i am sure that
Mommy and Daddy will tell you all
about this man of agod when you are older.
I Love You
Aunt judy