Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Family Fun at Chuck E Cheese

Since Mommom and Pappy had a day off from school this past Friday, we all decided to grab lunch at Chuck E Cheese together. Michaela has been here before and LOVES to visit. They have a very nice set up...the kids can play some games and enjoy the show while you wait for your food. The pictures above are of Michaela and 2 of her favorite things to do here. The first one is the Basketball game, which she calls "B-Ball." She loves to play B-ball all the time. We have a system down for this game: Matt holds MJ so she can reach the basket, Pappy keeps giving Matt the basketballs so MJ can get lots of tickets from shots made, Mommy takes pictures, and Mommom is there to cheer MJ on. It is a whole team effort! The other picture is of Michaela watching the show. She loves to be right up front and dance along with the characters. This was such a fun day.

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Anonymous said...

Let me tell you, little MJ can shoot that b-ball. She is not afraid of those animated critters either. We had a blast. The funny thing is that we used to take Melissa and Matthew to the same place when they were little, but it was called Showbiz Pizza then. Still fun. Michaela and I love it.
Mom Mom