Thursday, May 24, 2007

Falwell's Legacy at Liberty

Matt and I are standing on top of "Liberty Mountain." After Dr. Falwell's funeral, we took a trip up to the top of the LU mountain to see the beautiful view of Lynchburg, VA and Liberty's campus. Recently, Dr. Falwell had some trees cleared at the top of the mountain for this Gazebo and for a huge LU emblem made of white rocks, red rocks, and shrubs that can be seen from pretty much anywhere in Lynchburg. (Note: Michaela was with us during this time, but she could not be bothered for a picture. She was too busy exploring the gazebo area with her doggie.)
The view from up here was beautiful. These two pictures were taken from the gazebo looking out. In the above picture, you can see Demoss and the Vines Center between the trees. The picture below shows the new Thomas Road Baptist Church.
We always enjoy going to Lynchburg, VA and visiting Liberty. This is such a beautiful place.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, where is my Michaela......You guys are cute too and I love you, but there is just something special about my MJ. Love you,