Monday, May 28, 2007

Backyard Fun

Michaela always enjoys playing in our Backyard. Every time she is out there she discovers something new and is on a new adventure. This time she enjoyed gathering all the sticks. She was so happy when she found this really big stick. With the weather being nice and allowing us to spend more time outside, she has learned many new words, such as "Yuck" and "Dirty," which Mommy says when she goes to touch something she shouldn't. Now after hearing these words repeatedly, she is able to point at these no-no's outside and tell me "yuck" or "dirty" and not touch it. She is such a great girl.


Rebecca Leger said...

Hi Michaela.

You are learning so many wonderful things by being outdoors. I'm sure you'll build amazing things with your stick collection. :)

We love you,
Rebecca & Grace

Anonymous said...

You are such a big help.....that's good because your parents hate doing yard work. Love you,
Mom Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Michaela,
I am so glad that you enjoy helping Mommy and Daddy do chores. It is great when everyone does a little to pitch in. If you ever go to Maine and visit Grace, you'll have a wonderful time in her yard because they have lots of sticks, too! You are very, very sweet and so, so cute.
I Love You, Aunt Mary Ann