Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another Day of Fun

Here are some more pictures of our little blue eyed girl playing. She is such a sweet and beautiful girl...Matt and I are blessed to have her in our life. We love her so much and enjoy taking care of her. Words could never fully describe the love that we have for her.

Today, we went to church for a MOPS meeting, mommy went to the meeting and MJ played with her friends in the nursery. Then, we came back home and played together. We went outside for about 10 minutes to play, but didn't stay too long because it is very hot today. Michaela enjoyed taking her sticks up to her fort. Mommom and Pappy bought MJ this play set and MJ LOVES to climb it, swing in it, and go down the slide.

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Rebecca Leger said...

You are adorable Michaela. I knew you would find fun things to do with those sticks! Grace and I are living vicariously through you --- it has been raining in Maine for the past two days and we aren't expecting any sun until next Thursday at the earliest. We'll be thinking of you and all that warm sunshine of yours in Delaware! :)

Lots of Love,
Rebecca & Grace