Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter from the Ousdahls

Easter in Wilmington, DE was so dreary this year, that we were forced to Photoshop in a "springy" background. Pretty, huh?


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Matthew, Melissa, & Michaela.
We are anxious to see you all this summer.
Dave & Jill

Rebecca Leger said...

You'll have to show us how to change backgrounds in our pictures when we come down to Delaware this summer. All of our Maine Easter pictures have a foot of snow in the background (yuck)! Despite the dreary weather it looks as though you had a wonderful Easter. Everyone looks beautiful and so happy. Thank you for sharing your all of your wonderful new pictures with us.

The Legers

P.S. We love the new look of your blog. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Is that the Land of Oz in the background???? You are such a cute family, we'll see ya soon!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of the beautiful family you have become. Happy Easter to you all. Did Michaela get to hunt Easter eggs?

Mary Ann said...

A field of flowers--we just have fields of snow up here in Vermont!
I love this picture of the three of you. What a sweet family.I LOVE all of you, Aunt Mary Ann