Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Going to the Park

On Monday, Michaela and I walked to our local park, where we planned to meet Mom (aka Mommom to MJ) for lunch. Mom and I enjoyed watching Michaela explore the area and we both smiled with pride as she greeted every child she saw with the words, "Hi Baby," whether they were 6 months old or 6 years old. She is so friendly. Michaela's favorite place at the park is the swings. Once she got in there, she did not want to do anything else. We had a wonderful time.


Mandi said...

The swings are my favorite too! I love you Michaela!

Aunt Mandi

Anonymous said...

Hey, who is that movie star with the sun glasses? Oh, it is beautiful Michaela. You are so cute. You just love being outside in the sun and swinging. Mom Mom loves you.
Mom Mom

Anonymous said...

What fun to meet Mom Mom for lunch at the park! We love these sunny spring days, too. Do you swing high, Michaela? I love your pink shoes. You are sooo cute!
Love, Aunt Mary Ann

ps-- Melinda, did you take a long lunch time from school? I hope that you did!

Rebecca Leger said...

Hi Michaela. What a very sweet girl you are to greet all the babies and children at the park! I'm sure you made Mom Mom's day by meeting her for a swing. We love you! Bob, Rebecca & Grace

Anonymous said...

Michaela is getting so big. I cant wait to see her, and ofcourse you two also. Let me know when you are going to Las Vegas. Love Great Grandma

Anonymous said...

Hi, baby!! How cute! Did she learn that from hanging out with her daddy??????? She is so cute, can't wait to see her!