Thursday, April 12, 2007

Feed the Birds...

Instead of having a normal Wednesday, Mom, Aunt Donna, and I ventured to New York City to see Mary Poppins on Broadway. Our day started off early in the morning and brought DOWN with it a few minor things, which ironically, just added more fun to our day.

We arrived at New York City at 10:30 and had free time to shop and eat lunch until 2pm (show time). During this time, we walked the streets trying to blend into the crowd and pass for New Yorkers--which we didn't seem to accomplish since EVERY street vendor seemed to approach us. We also tried to avoid getting run over by the crazy traffic as we crossed the streets, which I can say we did accomplish! We enjoyed browsing through the stores even though many of them were way out of our price range. We spent a lot of time in Toys R Us...the one in Times Square is the ultimate of toy stores. While we were there, we asked if they carried any Barney toys, since Michaela LOVES him, and they said that they only had videos and stopped carrying all the other Barney merchandise over a year ago...poor Michaela. She doesn't care that her "Buddy" is not in style or cool now. Oh well, she is quite content watching his DVDs. During our free time we happened to come across the Empire State Building. Below, you can see Mom and Aunt Donna posed in front of it for a picture (this is located in the toy store in the Lego section...very cool).

After having lunch at Dallas BBQ, we walked to the New Amsterdam Theatre (pictured below) and took our seats to enjoy the show. The play was great and I really enjoyed it.

After the play, Matthew was waiting to hang out with us for a little bit before we had to head back home. It is always awesome to see my brother. Hanging out with him was great and we plan on spending more time with him in NY once the weather gets warmer. He wants to take MJ to the toy store and the zoo...her first NY field trip awaits her and Uncle Matthew can be her guide!

All in all, the day was a blast and I enjoyed every minute of it. To keep the memory of this day with me, I bought a Mary Poppins key chain as a memento (it is a mini version of her tote bag).


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa and Matthew!
I love brother and sister time!
Love, Aunt Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

My two kids are too cute. I love you both so much. You will always be my cherubs...even though you are both grown.
I love you,

Rebecca Leger said...

It's great to see Aunt Melinda, Aunt Donna & Matthew (Hi everyone!). It sounds as though the all girl trip to NYC was a blast! I'm glad you were all able to share such a fun time together. I'm sure it is a day you will never forget.


Anonymous said...

How exciting it must be to see a real broadway show. Especially Mary Poppins. I will never forget my trip on the Stattin Island Ferry,past the Statue of Liberty,and on to ground Zero, while I was there visiting.
Love you, Grandma Hamerdinger

Unknown said...

What a cut pair. I love you guys
Aunt Judy