Monday, April 16, 2007

College For a Weekend

This past weekend, Matt and I took some kids from our Church's Youth Group to Virginia to check out Liberty University. We had a blast hanging out with the kids...they were so fun to be around. Liberty kept us busy with so many activities...attending college classes, a concert, paintball, watching Liberty's play, ice skating, going to a LU Hockey Game, enjoying local coffee shops, shopping, going to church, college info. seminars, eating some YUM-YUM food at Tokyo's (the kids LOVED this place...YEAH!), and just hanging out together. All in all, we all enjoyed being College for a Weekenders. Matt and I can't wait to take some more kids down next year!

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Mandi said...

How fun!!!!! I'm so glad I got to come down on Saturday and hang out with you and these awesome kids! What a great day!