Tuesday, April 17, 2007

All Clean

All clean and all smiles in this picture, because she just finished playing in the shower. Playing in water is one of Michaela's favorite things to do. Even with Bath Time and swimming at the YMCA, Michaela still can't get enough water time. She loves to Splash and Splash in the water and is never ready to get out. No matter how long we let her stay, when we ask if she is ready to get out, her reply is always a confident, "No." She will love Summer time and all the swimming events that come with it...we can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michaela. I love the water and my bath time too. We will have to get our bikinis and go swimming when I come down to visit in August!!


Rebecca, Uncle Walt, & Aunt Mary Ann too

Anonymous said...

Looks so happy all the time. She has a great Mommy and Daddy.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful face. i could just kiss your face off. I love you Sunshine
Aunt Judy