Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Maybe next year.

Mommy and Daddy will have to buy me some more Eagles clothes for next year. I am growing too fast!


Anonymous said...

Michaela, you are the cutest Eagles fan I have ever seen. Now I need to get you all your Phillies wear ready....can't wait to take you out to the ballpark. Go Phillies.
I love you Peanut,

Rebecca Leger said...

I hear you Michaela -- Daddy says, "There is always next year" too. Where did you get your cute Eagles hair bow? I would love to have one of those. Daddy probably wouldn't let me get an Eagles bow though because he really likes the Patriots. Are you excited for baseball season? I'm sure you've heard as much about Spring Training as I have!! I hope your Phillies do well this year. Hopefully our two teams play each other. :)

I Love You,

Anonymous said...

Michaela, You are the cutest Eagles fan I have ever seen, too....I totally agree with your MomMom! I am so happy that you and Grace are football and baseball fans. And, of course, I am very happy that you love each other so much that you want each others teams to win lots of games! I love you beautiful girl, Aunt Mary Ann