Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Even though Cooper notices that Michaela is now the center of attention, he loves having a bigger family. They love to play follow the leader (of course Michaela is always the leader...until Cooper has had enough).


Anonymous said...

Mom Mom loves you too Cooper

Bob & Rebecca Leger said...

Hi Cooper. We have also noticed a little less attention coming our way since Grace arrived but at least we have more toys to play with now! We hope to have a cute puppy like you to play with some day. Love, Emma, Lil' Bit, & Good Petey (the Leger cats)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cooper/Pooper,
You have the sweetest face! I bet that you love playing with Michaela! Isn't is true though: a baby changes everything? I'll give you lots of love this summer, too. Mary Ann

Judy said...

Hi Cooper, You are a good boy.
Aunt Judy still loves you. You take good care of Michaela.
Aunt Judy