Monday, March 12, 2007

Beauty runs in the's proof.

We are looking forward to getting a picture of Michaela with her cousin Grace (pictured above) when she comes to visit this summer.


Anonymous said...

Every morning around this time Grace goes down for a mid-morning nap and one of the first things I do after she falls asleep is to check Grace and Michaela's blog sites. What a wonderful surprise it was this morning to see Grace. Thank you. I think our girls are true beauties both inside and out! I can't wait for them to meet each other this summer. I show Grace all of Michaela's pictures but it will be so special for them to see each other in person.

Having our blog sites is a great way to keep in touch and feel close to each other even though we live states apart. Your family has become such a regular part of our day. I talk about you to Grace every morning and to Bob when we comes home from work. One of the first things I say to my Mom when we talk on the phone is, "Michaela has new pictures!!" It's so nice.

Melissa, I remember you & I as little girls playing together in your room -- sometimes it is hard for me to believe that here we are now with our own two beautiful girls!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful face. You are a beautiful little girl. I love you very much and i can not wait to see you.
Love you,
Aunt Judy

The Burchnalls said...

A beautiful family indeed! =).

Anonymous said...

Wow! Just when I think that I have seen everything and couldn't possibly be surprised by anything (that's what over 20 years of working with kids does to you!!) I didn't even know what I was doing or where I was when I tuned into Michaela's blog.I expected to see another beautiful picture of Michaela and there was Grace!! How very, very, nice of you to have a picture of Grace. I love the black&white effect.

We are very excited to come to Delaware this summer. Uncle Walter's heart will always be there. He loves his home state. He thinks that the Delaware quarter is the best one yet, talks about Ceaser Rodney (his dream is for Grace to have a picture by his statue!),lives for subs from Cassapula's and Tasty Cakes, loves downtown Wilmington and misses his family. We will all have the best time this summer at Robert and Anna's wedding. Just think we will all be together! I can't wait for Grace and Michaela to be best cousin friends. We'll take many, many pictures and post them for all to enjoy. Two beautiful girls!!

Thank you, again for the picture. Happy St. Patrick's Day! We are in the middle of a 20 inch snow storm here today! I'll be thinking of this when we are hot with the humidity of Delaware in August! Give Michaela kisses and hugs every day from us. We love all of you so much,
Aunt Mary Ann