Sunday, January 28, 2007


Hi everyone. These days, I am staying busy with "reading" my books (I am the only one who can turn the pages correctly), watching Baby Signing Times, playing with "Pooper" (my parents call him Cooper), and enjoying Family Swim Time with my parents at the Y. Daddy has been teaching me animal sounds...I can tell you what a dog, cow, cat, sheep, snake, monkey, and duck say. Needless to say, I keep myself and my parents busy.


Anonymous said...

Hey MJ, you forgot to say "taking care of Mom Mom". You are the only one who can do it correctly too. I love you Peanut.
Mom Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Michaela,
You are very cute! I would love to hear you read a book. Books are one of my very favorite things...good for you on becoming a reader. I love all the animal sounds,too! Just what do you do to take care of your Mom Mom? I might need to know so that I can have Grace help take care of me also! I Love you, Michaela. Aunt Mary Ann

Aunt Judy said...

I love to hear your animal sounds--They are music to my ears.
I love you sunshine
Aunt Judy

Melbergs said...

MJ, you rock my face off! when will we be seeing video of you?

Anonymous said...

Hi Michaela,
I so enjoy looking at your pictures and watching you grow from a baby to a little girl. How do you manage to get cuter every day? We are all looking forward to seeing you this summer at Robert's wedding.
Great Uncle Walt

Anonymous said...

Hi Michaela. Not only are you adorable but sooooo very smart too! Lots of Love - Grace, Rebecca, & Bob

adamandjeremy said...

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Adam Austin

Anonymous said...

You are growing up so fast. What a delight that at least I can catch glimpes of that magic.
Bet you will be a good swimmer and play water polo like your Daddy did in California.
Grandma Hamerdinger