Friday, July 21, 2006

Full of Personality

AT 9 1/2 months now, Michaela is soooo much fun. She is crawling, pulling herself to a standing position, waving, clapping, slapping our hands Five, saying Ba-Ba, talking non-stop, and enjoying every day. It is amazing to be able to see her grow and learn new things. She will mimic us and how we move our mouth. She loves to watch herself in the mirror. She will make faces in the mirror at herself for a long time. She is a great daughter and Matt and I are soooo blessed to have her. We love her sooo much. This picture really captures her Dynamic and Energetic personality.


Anonymous said...

Look at those beautiful blue eyes. She and Kayden sure look like cousins.
great grandma hamerdinger

Anonymous said...

She is so adorable! She looks like she is "Miss Personality"!!

Anonymous said...

She looks like a STAR to me. I can't wait to see her talents displayed, movies? singer? Wife and Mother? President?