Thursday, February 23, 2006

Our Little Girl

We are so blessed to have Michaela. She brings us so much joy and we love her more every day. She will always be Our "Little" Girl. ( I now better understand how much my parents love me (Melissa). You guys are the best) Thanks to all of our family and friends for loving us, helping us, hanging out with us, and sharing life together...Michaela is a lucky girl to have ALL of you. Please know near or far, we, (Matt, Melissa, and Michaela,) love each of you dearly.


Anonymous said...

You guys are a special blessing
in my life Love you all
Aunt Judy

The Burchnalls said...

And we love you all dearly as well! God's wonders are never ending...and He clearly had a plan when He brought us to 19805 and blessed us with you as friends!

Anonymous said...

I just love this baby....You guys too. Love, Mom Mom

chadjohnston1 said...

I am overwhelmed with how awesomely adorable your "little" girl is. Woah! She makes my heart melt. Johnstonians (the wife)

Anonymous said...

aunt dorothy in visalia

I just love seeing the pictures of
Michaela, she sure is growing.
She is just beautiful.Of course with
the parents that God picked out for
her how could she be anything else.
Love you all Aunt Dorothy

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! How adorable is this picture! I love you all!

Anonymous said...

She just gets prettier with each picture! She now looks like both of her parents, and I bet she is just as sweet! Love you all!

fatjeremy said...

has she learned to play the guitar yet?

Anonymous said...

You three are such an adorable family. We all seem to understand our parents so much more after we become parents ourselves. The love between parents and children is so precious.
Take care.
Love, Dave & Jill

Anonymous said...

Those big baby blues are just like mom's!!