Thursday, January 26, 2006

All Smiles

Our "Social Bug"...Michaela loves to smile, laugh, and "talk" with telling where she gets this outgoing personality from =)


The Burchnalls said...

Michaela has so much to smile about (with friends like us around, who wouldn't? HaHa)! She's a blessed girl...(because of you two of course!). I can just hear her 'talking' now!

Anonymous said...

Michaela must be thinking about me. She loves her Mom Mom
Love, Mom Mom

Anonymous said...

Boy, do I see MOM-MOM in this it the smile? the mouth open? Don't know but I sure see the Deverell-side!! xoxox, Momma Zaal

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful smile. i love that smile
Aunt Judy